Communication helping application for the sclerosis multiplex and muscular dystrophy disabled patients

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Affeleva project has the goal to provide communication helping means to the people with the strong affection of sclerosis multiplex or muscular dystrophy. It's quite frequent to meet people that are only able to control one part of their body - e.g. only their head. Similar case was the main motive behind this application. The person was only able to slightly control his/her mouth and eyes. As the communication was very hard, there was an idea of application that will allow better communication and also enhances quality of the life for similarly affected people. The main idea was to construct special anatomically shaped hardware inserted into the mouth, that transmits simple mouse clicks to the computer. Software then provides the communication interface, consisting of simple alphabet choosing board and the typed output. Later there is plan to extend interface to allow writing letters, reading of the books, in distant future browsing the internet and controlling the computer. There is also research plan to implement eye movement control. Logo

Copyright © 2005 Peter Skvarenina and the Affeleva project
This software is distributed under the terms of the revised BSD licence